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When you're high you don't really do much, you just kind of hangout and exist. When you're drunk you're overly confident, sometimes aggressive, and make a ton of bad decisions. And you can also drink enough to kill yourself with alcohol poisoning.

So alcohol is way more dangerous, and has worse side effects.

However, you can casually drink alcohol and not get drunk. Not sure if you can casually get a 'small' high, or what the point of that would even be. I genuinely like the taste of beer, and drink it in moderation.


LED strips are a good way to decorate your home. With LED strips, you can easily decorate your desktop, mirror, bed, ceiling, etc. They are cheap and easily affordable. Since we are discussing home decor, let's figure out how to install LED strips in a suspended ceiling.
How to install LED strip lights on the ceiling?

I will share with you a step-by-step guide that will help you understand how to install waterproof LED strips.
First, you need to measure the perimeter of the ceiling of the room, which means that you also need to add all the corners. Also measure the distance from the outlet and check if there is a short wire in the power supply.
The outlet should be located next to the power source to avoid additional losses.
To make sure that the LED strips are in good condition and properly designed, you need to think about proper ventilation and air flow.
After you've sorted everything out, glue the LED strips that come with built-in glue. You can also use an external adhesive tape to attach the LED strips.
Whether it's a suspended ceiling or a regular one, this process will help you install LED strips easily. If you cannot measure the room yourself or install lighting, you can call an electrician NoBroker. They will perfectly cope with the installation of LED lamps.
I hope now you understand how to install LED strips.

recent by Ovidiumark  ·  Jun 17 at 3:49 pm

My Whatsapp Status Privacy setting is for viewing "My Contacts except...". Suto my understanding of this means that I like all my contacts to view my status except for the selected zones. I posted the status last night, today when I checked who was viewing my status, I found the mobile phone number that mystatus was viewing! It appears as a normal mobile phone number and is not saved in my contacts. I do not know this number / person, can anyone advise what is going on?

Love breakup statuses in whatsapp?

recent by Harunio082  ·  Jun 16 at 11:41 pm
IkeFinnell posted Jun 9 at 3:18 pm

You will still lose power unless you have a battery storage system. Since you would be using net metering to get paid for extra electricity you produce you will be connected to the grid. If there is an outage your panels won't work because if they fed the grid workers would get hurt so they get turned off unless a battery solution is in place

recent by Jeannettess  ·  Jun 10 at 1:41 am

Recently, the last lesson at the level gives 20xp and shows "more difficult lessons" in the iPhone app. The app constantly makes the phone incredibly hot only in lessons of this type.

There is a huge trend to implement crypto mining packages on websites and software to squeeze out a few extra pennies per user, despite the fact that we spend dollars on paying for electricity and the durability of the phone battery. This is almost always the explanation of a hot phone when you are browsing or using an app with advertising networks. Since this is against Apple's app store policy, I'll assume it's not, and instead inform you that you have a very unlikely bug that causes some background task to get stuck in an infinite loop.

recent by Jeannettess  ·  Jun 1 at 2:57 pm
perezmartina397 posted May 25 at 11:49 am

I made a business deal with a trader. We have developed an automated trading system for trading on the futures market. Unbeknownst to me, he has now sold the idea to one of the big prop firms in Chicago or New York. I do not know more details, but I would like to find out who bought it and start legal proceedings. I have heard that CBOT has a bulletin board or forum where firms share information about the technologies they are buying so that one person cannot sell the same idea to multiple funds and deceive people.

If anyone knows how I could start the process of tracking this transaction, I would be very grateful.

recent by Ovidiumark  ·  May 25 at 1:16 pm
perezmartina397 posted May 21 at 6:52 pm

The Internet laid fiber optic to a house in Wootton, North Carolina. However, they could not use electric poles because the National Grid did not want to deal with smaller suppliers. This led to unnecessary digging of roads. Openreach can use poles. Apparently, this is an unfair competitive advantage that the government needs to eliminate because it increases the cost of installation.

By the way, openreach didn't have our village on the list for switching to full fibre, but now a competitor has appeared here who suddenly started installing full fibre. What a surprise!

recent by Paultrium  ·  May 21 at 7:59 pm
brianbennett863 posted Apr 30 at 12:48 pm

Well, yesterday my old tractor International caused me a little excitement, driving up to the barn, it caught fire under the dashboard! I pulled it out quickly, but it burned some wires where the throttle cable came out of the bracket and got into the hot ignition switch wire. Actually welded the throttle cable inside the housing, burned the voltage regulator and 3 feet of wiring harness! The repair took a whole day with three trips to NAPA. It's never boring. Oh yes, the fire was in the back of the fuel tank, it's been a long time since I've been moving so fast!

recent by clintmelso  ·  Apr 30 at 1:56 pm

If you are looking for a way to obtain an instant loan online, There are various platforms you can sign up for and then be able to obtain a loan may be for your business, school payments, or other personal need. However, these platforms have their terms and conditions which are mostly bent on the interest rate in return after obtaining from their platform depending on the duration of payment.

recent by Harunio082  ·  Apr 23 at 5:50 pm

So I'm [24M] since I dumped my cheating ex a few months ago (06/2021), and after 4+ years of nothing but Missionary, I am now exploring my sexuality. So Ive been looking for hookups, both in a few bars and online. Only really used are the free version of PoF and Tinder ( my friends highly recommend both), but they've been useless for me. Few replies that aren't bots, and the one meetup was a catfish.

recent by Harunio082  ·  Apr 8 at 3:15 pm

I have a small apartment in Portland and one in Spain. I want to invest in a 3rd property, but this time in Mexico. Do people with a lot of local experience have any suggestions on where to buy? I was thinking of a single-family home compared to a condo. It would be nice to have SFH. I want something that I can buy with cash, so not much more than $150,000, and I don't really like the beach, and I don't really try Airbnb or anything like that. So, in this regard, I find cities like Oaxaca, Mexico City or Guadalajara, or maybe even Merida, potentially good places to invest.
It will be a place where I will spend some time, or friends will stay with me, or I will rent it to someone for a long time at a fair price.

recent by Amardanan  ·  Apr 4 at 1:22 pm
SarahCornel posted Mar 29 at 11:26 am

Is there a way to format the phone number as it appears in the profile and reports?

We are in the US and we typically use the +1 (123) 123-1234 format, but it is coming out as +1 123 - 12 12 123 and this is very confusing to look at. We have the language set as US english.

Also, is there a way to set a default Country Code for all phone numbers? The US number is buried.

recent by ivortyrus  ·  Mar 30 at 3:31 pm

Awarded for its contribution towards the cause of quality in education through exemplary performance in the category of Sports Education, STEM education and Best infrastructure, there is a right blend of curricular and co-curricular activities at Yuvabharathi, the , that aims to ensure holistic development of the students. Music, Dance, Yoga, Theatre, Public Speaking, STEM training, Multi-sports opportunities that include skating, swimming, tinkering lab activities and the like to bring out their latent potential and assure their best possible development.

Holistic development - Best CBSE School in Coimbatore (Yuvabharathi Public School ) - Visit @


Yuvabharathi has been ranked as Number 1 in the city - Top CBSE school in Coimbatore- for three years by the EDUWORLD and the school has made it to the prestigious list of Top 50 Schools that have been recognized as ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’. Having established itself as the in its first decade, it is the third time in a row that Yuvabharathi was conferred as one of the Best Schools in India in 2019 and won accolades for excelling in the categories namely Academic Excellence, Co-curricular activities, STEM Education, Happiness Quotient Index School and the Best CBSE School by Brainfeed School Excellence Awards.

For more details, Visit - Top CBSE School in Coimbatore @


I don't want something that blocks all unknown callers, as I sometimes get calls involving my job from people I don't have in my contacts. I'm assuming they have a database of numbers that are known to be scams that have been reported by their users? Also I live in the UK if that makes any difference with the type of numbers they block or something.


recent by Jeannettess  ·  Mar 29 at 7:26 pm

She didn't trust her movers. The only Apple air label proved that she was right. Airbags are used for all sorts of evil purposes. They also turn out to be very useful for many people.'​
For the record, I don't trust movers. As a rule, you have day laborers with dependencies who are often trusted to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your things. I move every two or three years and always do it myself.

McNulty also knows that relocation companies are not always reliable. It's not just that they can break or lose something. The fact is that, well, they can't always state the facts in a way that they really correspond to reality.

So McNulty inserted an air tag into one of her family's moving boxes of her son's toys. They had a long way to go-from Fort Carson, Colorado, to Fort Drum, New York.

You will be stunned when I tell you that the boxes didn't arrive on time. They were a month late. The promise of delivery on Friday turned into a promise of delivery on Sunday. You know how it is.

IkeFinnell posted Mar 24 at 9:09 pm

So many youtube sketch channels are terrible, but joel has a great talent for subtlety without going into cringey repetitiveness. I just tried getting into Auntie Donna lately, but their sketches drag on a little too long and are a little too repetitive with the absurdity once you figure they use the same formula in almost every sketch. Joel is a stayer.

recent by Harunio082  ·  Mar 25 at 1:46 am
perezmartina397 posted Mar 22 at 8:41 am

I'm asking you to brainstorm about which side effects are best suited to earn this extra money. We have already rented our second bedroom, used airbnb and sat with the children. I'm considering Uber, but I hate driving in Chicago, and I'm not sure if you're really making money when you read gasoline and car wear.

recent by Harunio082  ·  Mar 22 at 7:57 pm
perezmartina397 posted Mar 12 at 8:48 pm

I have a client who asks me about the LED strip around the perimeter of the bedroom. There is an existing coating that will be removed, and a new one installed slightly lower, with an LED strip hidden above the coating.
She mentioned that there would be a mural painted on the ceiling and would like it to be illuminated with LEDs.

Does anyone know a good LED strip?

Jeannettess posted Mar 9 at 5:13 pm

This is the best video game horse that I have personally used. Roach, in the Witcher 3 was kind of clunky to use. RDR2 had the best video game horse ever but I personally like the arcade feel over a simulation. It’s perfect for this game. Thanks FROMSOFT!

recent by IkeFinnell  ·  Mar 11 at 1:09 pm

This is something I've been wondering about for a while, and I've looked, but haven't found any official rules about it - though if anyone knows if it's described and where, please let me know!
I was wondering what forms of self-promotion, if any, are acceptable on the forum. I currently have no plans to do this on my own, although this is something I've been wondering about in regards to future actions if I do establish a wider online presence.
For example, there are four main ways to transfer information to other users of the site, in addition to PMS. They are:
Forum posts in different subforums that are based on topics, so Cosmere materials in the Cosmere Discussion section, forum games in the Forum Games section, etc.
Signatures that are visible to participants logged in and not using the mobile version
Publications on their own pages and profile pages of other participants
, Users own a profile page that has a section for their own website, as well as an "About Me" section and means of communication

recent by Amardanan  ·  Mar 11 at 12:47 am
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